Liam Payne is back at it fangirling over his former One Direction bandmate Niall Horan. The Irish heartthrob's solo debut album, Flicker, is set to drop on October 20, 2017, and fans can hardly wait. Niall has been tirelessly promoting the project that he's worked on for over a year and a half. There's no doubt about it that the record will be magical. Even though Payno may not have heard it yet, he's still giving Nialler the shout out we all dream about seeing flash across our Twitter timelines every morning.

With the utmost love and support, Liam tweeted, ".@NiallOfficial proud of how far we’ve come bro! Everyone go out and buy his album Friday!!?."

Of course, Niall being Niall he couldn't let this go publicly unnoticed. He tweeted back at Liam and told everyone to go buy his new single, "Bedroom Floor" which ironically drops on the very same day that Niall's solo album does. The "Too Much To Ask" singer wrote, "@LiamPayne indeed ! Thank you Payno. Love ya . Go get this mans single also."

OUR. HEARTS. This is absolutely adorable. If the boys haven't put the rumors to rest yet that they still talk to each other and are excited to hear everyone's individual music then this should convince you. They really do have everyone's best interest at heart. Not only that but, all four of the guys went in really different directions – pun totally intended – with their solo music. It's not like they are competing in the same genre so why wouldn't they support each other? TBH, we have a feeling they would support each other even if they were making the same type of music, but we digress.

We can't forget that this isn't the first time Liam has totally fangirled over Niall. Back in June Liam talked about his pal ahead of watching him play at the Summertime Ball Festival. He admitted he was pretty excited to see him up there singing his solo songs. "I mean obviously there's going to be a lot of fangirling going on. I saw him when he did the Ariana [Grande] gig the other day which was amazing, I think he did so well. And the way he's handling it all at the moment I mean going out to these big audiences isn't easy so it's nice to see, I know myself it's amazing so hats off, if I had a hat on, it would be off." Friends 4 lyfe.

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