Fans have had well over a week now to listen to all of Niall Horan’s debut solo album, and aside from knowing each of the lyrics already by heart – they’ve also had time to speculate in-depth about who inspired what songs on Flicker. Everyone already knows that “Mirrors” is one of the songs that isn’t necessarily about someone the “Slow Hands” singer was romantically involved with. Instead, it serves as an anthem for all young women to know that they aren’t alone with it comes to their personal struggles.

So how exactly did that song come about? Well, in a new interview with radio station Fresh 102.7 in New York City, the Irish heartthrob spilled some major truth on an incident he witnessed in a café shop that helped him put a story together that ultimately turned into a melody and lyrics.

Nialler dished, “I had this idea. Obviously you see a lot of stuff online, and I know girls in general. I was in Pret [a Manger] and I was just looking down at my phone. The I see this girl over in the corner who looked a little – this probably me assuming. It just sparked something in my head.”

“She looked a little bit upset or whatever. She was kind of on her own, looked a little but lonely, and then the waiter came over and just really made her laugh out loud. For some reason, her laugh made me look over and then I just wrote that down on my phone and picked the story up a few days later. Sometimes the songs are personal, and sometimes they come from imagination and stuff,” he continued to say.

Crazy to think that the girl he witnessed this encounter with might have no idea that she and her laugh actually inspired a major bop from the One Direction singer. Just goes to show, you never know who you'll secretly inspire while you're out living your life and having the occasional bad day.

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