If you’ve taken a listen to Niall Horan‘s album Flicker, then you know it’s filled with heartfelt songs that simply speak to your soul. And it’s hard to miss the fact that the lyrics about falling in love and losing that love are all too real, considering Niall wrote these tunes and obviously pulled from his own personal experiences. See, the 25-year-old singer’s dating life was kept pretty quiet during his time in One Direction. It was only after the fact the world found out he was legit was in a secret relationship and that girl is the one who inspired a lot of material on his debut solo album.

In a recent interview, he opened up more about this romance he managed to keep quiet for so long and how because of his job — you know, being a pop star and all that — and how he was somewhat selfish in those early days of stardom, ultimately led to the downfall of that relationship.

“At the time, I was seeing this person for a long time, and it’s kind of because of my job, that was probably the reason that it finished,” Niall said when he was explaining the meaning some of the lyrics he wrote. “I was 17 to 20-years-old, traveling the world. You are selfish, you’re just worried about what 17 to 18-year-old lads get up to, and you do live a selfish life without even knowing. I’d say I was a little bit less selfish now, but without even knowing it, 17 to 18-year-olds are selfish people, [thinking] the whole world revolved around you, and you forget the other person.”

So it seems like Niall has clearly learned from that former love and how to balance having a relationship and living his musician life. Oh, and in case you were wondering, he admitted he totally believes in love at first sight, too.

“I’ve had it, yeah definitely. This album is basically based on that. I didn’t, and then it happened,” he said. Hmm, wonder if that’s what happened with this mystery girl Niall was in love with? The “Slow Hands” singer did once open up to Ellen DeGeneres about how having a girlfriend wasn’t always the easiest since he was understandably focused on having the time of his life as he lived out his dreams of making music and touring the world with his 1D brothers.

“That’s the thing. It’s probably something I’ve struggled with a bit when I was younger, you know having a girlfriend and being on the road at the same time but at the same time, I was 18, 19 going around the world with some of my best friends. This time I’m a little bit more mature, I think so, yeah. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens,” Niall said.

But as we all know now, he’s currently dating Hailee Steinfeld and it seems like he’s mastered the act of balance when it comes to his personal and professional life.

niall and hailee
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They do make for one adorable couple and the 21-year-old starlet was spotted at quite a few of Niall’s shows during his Flicker World Tour in-between touring herself and working on movies. So while they’re both super busy, they’re making their love a priority and it’s just the cutest. Can’t wait to hear all the songs we get from this relationship!

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