Nick Jonas has come a long way since his Disney Channel days, and it appears as though the teenage years he spent on the network are something he looks back on fondly. The “Find You” and “Remember I Told You” singer, who was the driving force behind the Jonas Brothers ultimately breaking up as a band, opened up about his most memorable memory from back in the day – and his response seriously made our hearts just about burst into a million tiny pieces.

“Lots of memorable moments from the Disney days. We used to do the Disney Channel games, which was a good time. They would collect all of us from the different shows and then put us together in Disney World – really, it was like summer camp. We had the park to ourselves some nights and lots of drama because we were all dating each other. It’s like high school,” the hottie spilled.

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Nick is not the only Disney kid of that particular Disney era to compare the network to high school. His friend and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez made a similar statement in the past, which confirms that the drama they dealt with is similar to what us normies, if you will, experience in school as well.

“I went to the biggest high school in the world, which is the Disney Channel,” the “Fetish” singer said in an interview.

They’ve got a point! Nick dated both Selena and Miley Cyrus while they were still wee little teens. Not to mention, Joe had a thing with Demi Lovato for a period of time. And this particular Disney Channel squad proves that high school drama could totally follow you into your 20s because Demi just wrote a song about having a crush on Nick. Nick wasn’t kidding when he said they all dated each other – the relationship drama is still going on today!

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