The thought of Nick Jonas serenading you while just singing lyrics he’s made up on the spot is just about what our dreams are made of. And recently, he did just that. The “Find You” singer took to YouTube to answer some advice questions from fans, and he gave his answers in song – because honestly like, why wouldn’t he? While most were just little tunes he blurted out off the cuff, one really magical Jonas Brothers remix came out of it. Nick did his own little rendition of “Lovebug,” the second single off the brother’s third studio album A Little Bit Longer.

It all started when one particular fan asked, “Dear Nick, I’m about to celebrate my one-year anniversary with the most perfect woman, but she hasn’t posted any photos of me yet on Instagram. How do I get her to claim me on social media?” It was signed, “Mr. Do It For The Gram.”

Hmm – pretty tough situation, but Nick’s “Lovebug”-inspired response will be sure to get that fan out of the pickle he’s found himself in. “Mr. Do It For The Gram, I’m going to take this back a little bit here,” he began. And the lyrics went a little something like this…

“Called you for the first time yesterday. But you didn’t post a picture on social media. So now I’m gonna have to say OK. ‘Cause one year’s just so nice, and you’re so sweet. So would you post a picture of us on the coastline? Maybe we could go a long time – if you post the gram. Just one photo of you and I all cuddled up, looking like a couple pups. Yeah, do it for the gram.”

OUR. HEARTS. They truly cannot take it. Just transport us back to 2008, why don’t you?

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