With all of the hype the new hit Netflix teen rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has gotten, everyone’s favorite on-screen couple Noah Centineo and Lana Condor are used to being paired together in the minds of fans. Their characters Peter and Lara Jean are legit goals, so naturally people are going to ship them together in real life too.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Noah was actually asked if he and Lana would consider getting together down the line. You know, like if they’re both single years from now. A marriage pact, if you will. But considering the fact that she is currently in a happy relationship with her boyfriend Anthony De La Torre, Noah said no.

“Not with Lana. She’s boo’d up,” Noah said, before saying that he’s actually made several pacts with a couple of his guy friends. Guess we’re going to have to get to the back of the line!

Lana’s bae is also an actor – and turns out, he’s actually like Peter Kavinsky IRL because he legit writes her love letters. YUP. We’re swooning.

“He writes me love letters, actually! He’s done that since we started dating and I keep them all. We try to keep the spark alive!” Lana said in an interview with Us Weekly. “When I have a lot of emotion going on, I’ll write. I write letters to my family, my boyfriend, anyone I’m trying to get my point across to. It’s easier for me to express myself.”

So there you have it. Noah and Lana are nothing but the closest of friends, but we’ll still always ship Peter and Lara Jean. Forever.

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