Actor Noah Centineo is using social media to give back. That’s right, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star has teamed up with friend and fellow actor Josh Heller to launch the Favored Nations non-profit organization.

According to a recent interview with GMA, the 24-year-old said, “The ambition and the goal and the aspiration for Favored Nations, is to help people discover new ways to help people.”

With his large online presence, Noah plans to utilize his platform in order to raise both money and awareness for various charities.

“In my teenage years, like a lot of people, I felt very hopeless. I felt like I was in a dark place, and I discovered that giving back to other people was something that actually made me feel a lot better,” he explained. “I promised myself as I started to work more, that if I ever gained a platform from what I do, that I would leverage that platform and use that platform to help create an environment where other people could hopefully come to the same understanding that I came to.”

Josh also talked with GMA and explained how the pair decided which organizations to support.

“It’s charities that we’ve vetted out to make sure that the money that we donate to them is being used for impact and not just going to the CEOs up above, or, you know, to overhead,” he explained.

According to the video, after Favored Nations launched their first line of product, they sold out in three days and raised over $40,000. The organization has turned their focus to the current coronavirus pandemic at this time. Aside from donating to the Core Foundation, they also bought 1,000 masks. Together, Noah and Josh have urged their fans to get involved with Favored Nations.

“If we can make, you know, living on this planet a little bit easier for one person, we’ve done our job,” Noah concluded.

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