It’s safe to say Noah Centineo‘s portrayal of total dream bae Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has solidified the character as one everyone is now using as a standard for the type of person they want to date. 

Peter is nothing but sweet to Lara Jean, from writing her cute notes, adorable spinning her around in a lunchroom, bonding with her little sister, and even going across town to a market to get her favorite snacks to bring on their ski trip for her. He just knows how to treat a girl with respect and he not only listens to her, but truly gets her, seeing who she really is and loving every part of her. So yeah, we all need a Peter Kavinsky in our lives and Noah hopes everyone finds their own version of Peter and Lara Jean, IRL.

“I think it’s cool, man. I feel like as far as relating to someone, I think Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky really relate to each other and have such a beautiful dynamic by the end of the film. To find that, I’m totally behind that concept. Finding your own Peter Kavinsky, finding your own Lara Jean. I’m 100% behind that,” he said to Teen Vogue

Noah is obviously fully aware how special the on-screen couple’s love story is and wants everyone to find that too. But he’s also super self-aware. The 22-year-old actor thinks the world’s sudden obsession with Peter will well, just fade out.

“I feel like everything that happens on the Internet nowadays is so fleeting that, sure, maybe getting a Peter Kavinsky is a goal now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a week from now it really dies down,” he continued.

Hmm, so Noah does have a point, but we’re pretty sure Peter K is now a staple in the rom-com genre. As long as this movie keeps getting watched, people are always going to want to try and find their own real-life Peter. And since Noah is currently single, maybe he’ll find his own version of Peter and Lara Jean’s love, too. 

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