If you were a fan of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before books before it turned into a movie adaptation on Netflix, then it is safe to say you noticed some differences between what was in the pages and what they showed on screen. Noah Centineo himself opened up about how a certain kissing scene was different from the books, as a few little changes here and there are inevitable for book-to-movie adaptations. One particular part they cut all together was the Halloween scene.

In the festive fall scene of the book, Peter Kavinsky wore a Spider-Man costume, which was a nod at Peter Parker. As for Lara Jean Covey, she dressed up as Cho Chang from Harry Potter. However, things got weird when Josh Sanderson dressed up as Harry, totally making it look like he and Lara Jean were matching on purpose. And boy, did Peter get jealous! To add to the drama, Peter and his crew were all dressed up as superheroes – and Peter’s ex-girlfriend Genevieve (“Gen”) joined in by wearing a Cat-Woman costume.

So why cut a scene this juicy out of the movie? According to author Jenny Han, there might have been a problem with getting the rights to show an official Spider-Man costume in the movie.

“I was hoping to see the Halloween scene, where she’s dressed up as Cho Chang and Peter’s dressed up as Spider-Man, but I think that Spider-Man was a rights issue with him being allowed to wear that costume in the movie. I’m fine with that not being in there; I’d rather it be as it was, or not at all,” she told Teen Vogue.

Turns out, Noah is fully prepared to make it up to fans by dressing as Spider-Man for Halloween this year IRL – but there’s one condition. He wants Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland to dress as Peter Kavinsky in return. Fair exchange, if you ask us.

tom holland


“I don’t think we shot that,” Noah spilled in an interview with Teen Vogue. “You know what? If Tom Holland is down to go as Peter Kavinsky, I’ll go as Spider-Man.”

On the second thought though, Noah isn’t sure Tom should take him up on this whole costume swap idea.

“Unfortunately, Spider-Man is way cooler than Peter Kavinsky, with the whole super power thing,” Noah added. “Tom, I don’t even know if you should really go for this offer.”

Now this is something we’d love to see!

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