It looks like Noah Cyrus is done with internet trolls hating on her appearance. The singer just clapped back at her haters, and fans are living for her response.

“I’m so f**king tired of y’all commenting on every d**n thing I do since I was a f**king kid,” the 20-year-old wrote on Twitter. “Y’all are [going to] say I’m breathing wrong next.”

noah cyrus responds to haters

“I am [very] aware there’s a lot of you who don’t like me or the way I look,” she continued. “You guys have made it very clear since I was probably younger than 12. I’m used to it. But for the younger kids [please] don’t let them grow up with that kinda hatred. It f**ks someone up just chill the f**k out?”

noah cyrus responds to haters

For those who missed it, the “Good Cry” songstress’ tweets came just weeks after she admitted that when she was growing up, she would lock herself in her room in an attempt to “hide from the bullying, the comparisons [to sister Miley Cyrus] and the cruel things strangers wrote about a preteen they had never met.”

“Being in my room with the lights off, hiding from the world, that’s not a way to live for such a young girl,” she told TMRW Magazine. “So, you know, whenever I think about how many other people are going through the same thing — especially at the age I was at — there are so many more people out there. I think that whenever I see other artists like myself speaking out and talking about it, it makes me really happy because I didn’t really have that when I was growing up.”

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The brunette beauty explained that strangers wouldn’t even call her by her name, but instead, they would refer to her as “Hannah Montana‘s sister.”

“Somebody not even coming up to you and calling you by your name?” she continued. “That’s going to really f**k you up as a kid, make you feel like you don’t f**king even matter to the population — for them to not even know your name.”

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