Singer Noah Cyrus is standing up for herself. The 20-year-old took to Twitter on Thursday, March 19, to defend herself against critics who accused her of not supporting her sister Miley Cyrus.

“Guys because I like a song and an artist is nothing personal. My family has my heart. Don’t be crazy and so sensitive. For anyone talking s**t on Miley, f**k you and to anyone talking s**t to me, f**k you too. That’s all,” the songstress wrote.

For those who missed it, the youngest member of the Cyrus clan started receiving hate on social media after she posted a tweet saying Nicki Minajs song “The Way Life Goes,” “slaps and will forever slap.”

Noah Cyrus Claps Back At Critics Who Say They Hate Her Music

Some people were quick to reply and slammed Noah because the rapper and her sister Miley have been in an ongoing feud for a few years. As fans know, Nicki seemingly referred to the Hannah Montana star as a “Perdue chicken” after her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance during an episode of her “Queen” radio show. Miley recently revealed that the body shaming she had received from this performance caused her to not “wear shorts” or “skirts onstage” for “two or three years.”

So, after Noah’s fans said that she didn’t have her sister’s back after publicly supporting Nicki, she set the record straight in a series of tweets. The “Lonely” singer told followers that they didn’t have to be a fan of hers if they didn’t like what she was saying.

“Just because I make music does not mean if you’re a fan of my sister you HAVE to be a fan of me. If you don’t like me then don’t look at my s**t or listen to my music it’s simple,” she wrote. Then added, “Its seriously ridiculous I’m paying attention to this small BS, but the second I see one comment about me not loving someone in my family who I adore I gotta shut that s**t up.”

Before she signed off the social media app to “go watch Frozen 2,” Noah clapped back at her followers for their negative messages.

“Y’all would never say this s**t to my face,” she concluded.

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