Disney Channel darling Olivia Rodrigo just can't escape Team 10! The actress may not be co-stars with Jake Paul anymore now that he made his exit from Bizaardvark, but now she's teaming up with a new Team 10 guy. Yep, that's right. She landed a brand new movie role – and one of her co-stars just so happens to be in Jake's squad. Seriously though, what are the chances?

olivia rodrigo jake paul

The coming-of-age skateboarder drama, which will be set in the '90s, is called "Paved New World," and Olivia's new Team 10 co-star is 25-year-old Chad Tepper. Fun fact: He used to be a professional skateboarder, which leads us to believe he'll be perfect for this upcoming role. The Florida native is currently a member of the social media squad, but it looks like he has a history of drama with the group. In fact, they even kicked him out of the Team 10 house at one point for recording a private conversation between the Martinez Twins and Nick Crompton. Riveting, really.

"Something came up that was partially my mistake, partially it just happened. It's sad that that had to bring a hole or a block between our friendships, but it's just what happens," he said in a tell-all vlog about Team 10 post-feud. "I hope one day we can be as close as we were in the past. And if not, love you guys. Just continue making magic and changing lives because you make a big difference in people's lives – and hopefully one day I can make a big difference in people's lives like you guys do."

Despite their past though, he and Jake are total buds now. Chad even got a tattoo of Jake's face on him. Like a real one… for life.

jake paul team 10 tattoo

Now that Jake and Chad are cool, we wonder Chad and Olivia will become friends – you now, considering that they have a mutual co-star. Also starring in the film will be Andy Schrock, Josh Paler Lin, Claudia Lee, Tilky Jones, Daniel Pinder. Oh yeah, and how could we forget? Olivia will also be joined by two more Disney Channel stars – Kamil McFadden and Connor Weil of K.C. Undercover. It's gonna be lit, you guys.

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