Get ready to let out your inner werewolves with Disney’s Zombies 2 AWOO Challenge! In honor of the movie premiering on February 14, 2020 and national werewolf day on February 6, 2020 — yep, that’s a real thing — the stars of the upcoming flick asked fans to submit clips of themselves howling! They put them all together to create an epic compilation video and longest howl in history, and everyone is seriously living for it. Make sure to check out the video here!

Pearce Joza, who plays Wyatt in the highly anticipated sequel, opened up exclusively to J-14 about why he thought the challenge was a perfect way to get fans excited for the upcoming flick.

“One of the ways in which I got into character on set was through physical body movement,” he explained. “I can’t think of a better way to kick-off the movie than putting your whole body into it and letting your inner wolf howl in your own primal way!”

But what exactly is the second movie going to be about?

“Just like the first Zombies [movie], Zombies 2 is entertainingly fun. It has songs you can let loose and sing and dance to, as well as a very cool continuing storyline of how to navigate people with whom you are unfamiliar,” the actor dished. “It starts at a moment in time in the town of Seabrook where different people are forced to be in the same place. The citizens and the Zombies are just figuring things out after the difficult integration of the Zombies population. Seabrook thinks it has time to adjust to a new normal. but then, the werewolves enter.”

Wow, sounds juicy!

“I hope Zombies 2 will be enjoyable on its own merits as entertainment,” Pearce added. “And I hope it will also be seen as a metaphor for the world at large. Once we get to know the people, we find they are like us in the most fundamental ways. We all want a family, friends, and to be understood.”

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