Ever since Zombies premiered in February 2018, fans have been obsessed with the flick. The Disney Channel Original Movie starred Milo ManheimMeg DonnellyTrevor TordjmanKylee RussellCarla Jeffery and more, and with a cast that epic, it’s only natural that the film quickly became a fan favorite, right? Well, get ready, people, because they’re officially making a sequel to it and it’s coming out even sooner than everyone thought! That’s right, fans are about to see Zed and Addison dance and sing on screen all over again, and J-14 has all the exciting details.

So when does the flick come out? What will go down the second time around? Will the OG cast return for the sequel? Will there be any new stars in it? Don’t worry, people, because J-14‘s got you covered. We went ahead and made a complete guide to the upcoming sequel, so get excited!

Scroll through the gallery for everything you need to know about Zombies 2!

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