OMG, you guys. Meg Donnelly‘s been so busy lately, but that’s just because she has a ton of exciting projects on the horizon. Luckily, she made some time to talk to J-14 exclusively about what we can look forward to, starting with — wait for it — Zombies 2.

That’s right! The 18-year-old was just as stoked as we were when she found out Zombies would be getting a sequel, and she even called Milo Manheim on the phone so they could totally freak out together!

“Well, I got a phone call and they said that there was going to be a Zombies 2 and I started freaking out,” she recalled. “… And then I called Milo and I was like, ‘Did you hear?’ and he was like ‘YES!’ and we were both, like, crying.” Aww!

And do you want to know the best part? They’re getting started on filming, like, very soon. The Disney star let it slip that they’re heading to Toronto in May to film, and she absolutely can’t wait for the cast to be together again this summer. She’s also looking forward to working with Milo again, and she also revealed that she thinks their chemistry will be even stronger this time around.

“We’ve been through so much together in these two years. It feels like way longer than two years, but I think because we have all of that, it’s definitely going to show on camera, and it’s going to be easier than the first one to just be together because we’re always together anyway.” Plus, she’s hoping he’ll teach her some of his iconic Dancing With the Stars moves!

Meg dished on way more than just Zombies 2, though. ICYMI, she also stars on ABC’s American Housewife, and she opened up to us about her on-screen love interest, Peyton Meyer

“He’s so funny and he’s so intelligent too. It’s kind of funny because his character is like not so intelligent, and then he’s like one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

She also gushed about his dancing skills, so clearly she’s two for two with dancing costars. LOL.

Of course, Meg’s got way more going on than just her current acting projects. Diehard fans of hers are also well aware that she’s a musician, and the fact that fans are accepting her music with open arms means so much to her.

“It’s cool because I’ve been singing my whole life and now that I finally can start doing music is just really mind-blowing, and the fact that people are supporting my music is mind-blowing too. It was honestly just for fun.”

After revealing where she gets her songwriting inspo and how she develops the concepts for her music, the actress shared what we’ve all been dying to know, which is what we can expect from her next.

“I’ve been working on music every time I’ve been coming home to the city, so my EP’s going to be released in June sometime, so while I’m filming Zombies. And then we’re waiting about American Housewife Season 4, so that’s really exciting, but it’s going to be a lot of music from Zombies and from myself, so definitely stay tuned for that.”

Will do, Meg. Will do.

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