Fans are just weeks away from the premiere of Zombies 2, and it’s safe to say that they’re pretty excited about it. Well guys, prepare to get even more pumped for the upcoming flick because J-14 just caught up with some of the cast members, and they spilled a bunch of juicy deets on the new movie!

It turns out, Milo Manheim is just as excited for the sequel as his fans are.

“I can’t even process it. I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now, it’s an emotion that I’ve never, ever felt before!” the actor told us during the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, which took place on Saturday, January 25. “It’s just kind of unreal to be here and know that this movie that we’re all celebrating here together, I had such a big part in it and it’s so great to be here with my friends and family and the cast — it’s amazing! I feel… I can’t really explain it. I’m flustered!”

The 18-year-old also dished on the important message behind the film.

“I never ever thought the first movie would do as well as it did, and I never thought that it would have such an impact on people. But I really think the message of the movie is very important,” he explained. “In the first and in the second one — to stand up for what you believe in and be persistent and I’m just really happy that people got that message and they’re enjoying it just as much as we enjoyed making it.”

As for Meg Donnelly, she admitted that it feels totally unreal that the movie is almost here.

“I’m so excited. It’s so funny because you’re waiting so long for people to see it and then all of a sudden, now it’s like, two weeks until everyone gets to see it!” she gushed. “I’m just so excited. And it’s all happening so fast and I just keep pinching myself. I can’t believe it’s finally here.”

For those who forgot, the first movie premiered on Disney Channel in February 2018 and starred Trevor TordjmanKylee RussellCarla Jeffery and more. It was an epic musical that followed Zed, a zombie football player that fell in love with Addie, a human cheerleader. But why (and how?) is a zombie attending high school? Well, in the movie, after an accident at the power plant caused half the population to turn into brain-eating zombies, the government created something called “Z-Bands,” which deliver soothing electromagnetic pulses to keep the zombies from you know, eating human flesh and brains.

Zombies 2 will hit screens on February 14, 2020!

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