Fans are just weeks away from the release of Zombies 2, and it’s safe to say that they’re pretty excited. The highly anticipated sequel, which stars Milo ManheimMeg DonnellyKylee Russell, Trevor Tordjman, Carla JefferyJames Godfrey,  Pearce JozaChandler Kinney, Baby Ariel and Kingston Foster, is set to hit screens on February 14, 2020, and everyone is counting down the days.

Well guys, prepare to get even more pumped (if that’s even possible!) because Kingston, who plays Zed’s little sister, Zoey, in the upcoming flick, just spilled all the behind-the-scenes secrets from the second movie exclusively to J-14, and it sounds like they had an amazing time when the cameras stopped rolling.

J-14: What’s Zombies 2 about?

Kingston Foster: It’s about a pack of werewolves that come into Seabrook, and they’re looking for a specific stone that powers them to fully wolf-out and be themselves. Their moonstones are dying and their pack is getting sick, so they come to Seabrook in search of the stone. [The movie is] basically about them trying to fit in [while they’re there].

J-14: What can fans expect that’s different from the first movie?

Kingston: I love the music and the choreography, I think it’s a level up from [the first] Zombies [movie]. There are some amazing musical numbers. Also the costumes are phenomenal, they’re amazing. Everything just leveled up for Zombies 2.

J-14: What’s your favorite scene from the movie?

Kingston: I have a scene with a werewolf, her name is Winter. I get to scratch behind her ear and it’s a really cute, fun moment. I feel like that’s my favorite scene because the zombies and the werewolves are together in that scene, it’s like, their first scene together.

J-14: What’s your favorite song or musical number from the movie?

Kingston: There’s this rap battle — Bucky and Zed are fighting for president and they have this rap battle and it’s so good, it’s amazing. I love the lyrics and I like the feel of it, I love everything about it.

J-14: Can you share any behind-the-scenes stories or secrets from on set?

Kingston: Me, Chandler and Ariel — they play two werewolves — we actually had a girls night and it was super fun. We made cookies from scratch. We also did spies a lot [on set], we made little spy courses.

Zombies 2 Kingston Foster Exclusive

J-14: Who was the castmember you were closest to?

Kingston: I think Ariel. We had so much together and we laughed together all the time.

J-14: If you could live in Seabrook, would you be a zombie, human or werewolf?

Kingston: They’re all really cool in different ways. I like them all but I think I would have to go with a werewolf. First of all, their fashion is so cool. I love their culture, like what they do with their faces and their moonstones and hair and everything — they have a white streak in their hair. Second of all, they really know who they are. It’s just so cool to see everything that they do.

J-14: Do you think there will be a third Zombies movie?

Kingston: I think so, there’s a cliff hanger at the end.

J-14: Would you be down to do a third movie?

Kingston: Oh yeah, for sure. I’m ready!

J-14: What are your ideas for the third movie?

Kingston: Well, [in the second movie, my character] Zoey’s puppy dreams came true — she got a puppy. But her other dream was to become a cheerleader. So maybe in the third movie, Zoey can be involved with cheer a little bit more. I would like to see that.

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