From the backyard to the beach, Peyton List is our summer inspiration with her stunning bathing suit pictures on Instagram.

The former Disney Channel star got her start in 27 Dresses before making her Disney Channel debut in Jessie. Now, she’s all grown up and has been making headlines for her performance in Cobra Kai. Not to mention, fans are obsessed with her and Jacob Bertrand‘s real-life romance.

“It’s been so fun. I feel like we’re all best friends and getting to have, like, a person that I really love in the same city – I’m just so grateful for him,” the actress gushed about her boyfriend to Page Six in April 2022. “He’s the nicest person. But it is weird [on set], because I feel like we’re with everyone but each other on the show.”

Before finding love on set, the actress went through some struggles during her time growing up in the public eye.

“I was going through puberty and that awkwardness of not wearing a bra and then watching an episode and going, ‘Oh, my gosh. How did wardrobe not tell me? Like, I need a bra.’” she recalled while chatting with Women’s Health in March 2021. “I definitely got very judgmental of myself, and I noticed a lot of anxiety and insecurity.”


However, she learned to love her body — and the Cobra Kai training sure does help! “I was like, ‘All right. That’s fine. That’s all I need,’” she told the publication, referring to her confidence.

When it comes to working out, Peyton told Women’s Health that for “probably an hour every day,” she spends time “just on legs and on kicks.”

“I just have to get low and twist for a s–t-ton of time,” the BUNK’D alum explained. “At first, I was in such pain and burning, but that has really helped. It’s really just drilling it over and over.”

It’s safe to say that Peyton is totally killing it and serving up body positivity one photo at a time. Scroll through our gallery to see Peyton’s best bathing suit pictures over the years. 

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