Most kids who want to be actors dream of being on Disney Channel, and that’s exactly how it was for Peyton List. Since 2011, she’s played the role of Emma Ross on Jessie and its spinoff series, BUNK’D. And now, at 20 years old, she’s moving on from the network with the final episode of BUNK’D airs. And although snagging this role was something super special Peyton is forever grateful for, she admitted it was a pretty weird experience being a Disney Channel star so young.

Speaking to People Now, the starlet explained that being thrust into the spotlight suddenly led to kids her age identifying with her – and ultimately, looking up to her. And this was something she had to adjust to.

“It’s interesting. It’s fun that I grew up with other people who were kind of in the same situation on the show, like on Jessie. I was 12 years old when I first auditioned and I loved Disney. That was my dream to be on a Disney show,” Peyton said. “So it was weird to suddenly getting stopped by kids my own age and getting recognized by people. I would go to Six Flags or Disney or wherever and all of a sudden, I wasn’t just normal. I had people my own age look up to me and it was kind of weird, kind of an adjustment.”

peyton list jessie

Most 12-year-olds are just trying to survive middle school, while Peyton had a bit more pressure to deal with. But that just comes with the territory, and Peyton just learned to roll with it all like a total champ. There is another Disney Channel alum she herself looks up to, and that’s the legend that is Selena Gomez.

“I screen-tested for a movie with Selena when I was a kid and I really looked up to her. That was before I was on Disney. And then I saw her a couple years ago at a party and she’s so down to Earth and so cool and such a nice person. I feel like she’ll talk to anyone at any given time, doesn’t matter who you are. She’s just so cool so I thought, I want to be like that,” Peyton shared.

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OK, now how amazing is it that they almost ended up working together, long before Peyton even got her big break on Disney? It’s nice to know that Sel has been one of the stars to pave the way for the next generation of Disney actors who came after her – and that she really is as much of a sweetheart as we all think she is. We have a feeling Peyton is going to be just fine when it comes to being as kind, gracious, and cool as Selena. She already is.

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