Let it be known – Peyton List swoons over Harry Styles, just like the rest of us. The 20-year-old Disney Channel alum is guest-starring on the pilot episode of the series Harry is executive procucing, titled Happy Together. So yeah, in a way, Harry was Peyton’s boss. The Disney darling opened up about her role and how much Harry was actually involved in the making of the series.

“I didn’t even think about it like that – that Harry Styles is my boss! I’m a guest star, so I wasn’t on that episode that he went to go visit. But I guess he gets sent all the scripts, and gives notes, and has been told everything, communicated everything to,” Peyton told People in an interview. “And apparently had looked at everyone’s tapes and made sure he made casting approvals.”

Happy Together is executive produced by Harry and his friend Ben Winston. The series is based off of the real-life story of how Harry lived in the attic of his friend Ben’s London home. What was supposed to be two weeks turned into 18 months. So yeah, when you have a rockstar living in your attic – there’s no question there needs to be a show about it. And lucky for us, we get to see Peyton star in it. It’s safe to say Harry must have watched Peyton’s audition tape – and when she thinks about it, she admitted it’s “weird.”

Peyton also described her character and how this show compared to starring on Jessie and BUNK’D.

“My character Sierra is so fun. I kind of love playing these evil characters because I have the most fun with those, so I was excited to audition for it – and I love comedy. I was on Disney, and I was auditioning for this while I was still on Disney. So I was like, ‘Oh, another sitcom!’ And it’s so funny how the adult sitcom world is so much easier than the kid sitcom world. It was so nice to be on that show.”

We can’t wait to see the show!

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