Peyton List has been in the spotlight since she was little kid, which means keeping her private life – well, private – is certainly not the easiest task. When you’re a celeb, everyone wants to know everything about you, especially all the deets on your love life.

“Mostly, I try and find a balance of sharing enough of myself to keep in touch with my fans, but always keeping the personal stuff – relationships, family stuff, private pictures – for myself,” Peyton spilled in a story she wrote for InStyle. “It’s nice having secrets and parts of your life that are just for you and your closest people. And then when you sit down with someone at a restaurant there are, you know, actual things to talk about – moments that they don’t already know.”

Even though the Disney Channel alum tries to keep certain things confidential, she is most definitely in a relationship.

Does Peyton List have a boyfriend?

Yes she does! Peyton and actor Cameron Monaghan were clearly an item for a while, but it was confirmed when Peyton told Rogue in October of 2017 she was “in a new relationship.” Compared to other famous couples, they do keep things relatively on the down-low. Naturally, they post pictures together on social media every now and then. They just don’t go overboard with sharing, but what they do show is the definition of swoon-worthy.

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Plus, they walk red carpets together looking as cute as ever together, too.

cameron and peyton red carpet

Now those are the faces of two kids in love.

How did Peyton List and Cameron Monaghan meet?

Peyton and Cameron starred alongside one another in their upcoming movie Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, which follows the story of Luke (Cameron) who predicts the death of his best friend – oh yeah, and he totally falls in love with Peyton’s character Faith. As Peyton explained to AOL Build, the co-stars fell for each other IRL during the making of this movie. And their relationship totally works, thanks to the fact that they’re both actors and understand how busy they can get filming various projects.

“The whole cast, we all shared a trailer and were all in the same hotel. It was a small town, two and half hours away from Vancouver, so we all really got to know each other and all became so close. And then sort of in the middle of it, Cameron and I started realizing we liked each other and started dating after,” she said. “He’s so understanding which is so nice and I am too. We’re always like, okay if work comes up, that’s fine, that comes first. I can’t imagine having someone who isn’t [an actor], but I’m sure they would understand eventually, but it would be difficult.”

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Who is Cameron Monaghan?

Before starring alongside Peyton in their upcoming film, Cameron is known for his roles as Ian Gallagher in the series Shameless, and for playing Jerome Valeska in Gotham. He began modeling at the young age of three, so by no means is he a stranger to the acting biz. In fact, he’s been around the business longer than Peyton because he’s 25 – while she’s 20. They’re going strong so we’ll just have to keep an eye out for more super cute moments from the couple!

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