Have you read Powerless by Lauren Roberts yet? The second book in the romantasy trilogy is titled Reckless, and will be released later this summer! Keep reading for everything we know about Reckless.

When Does ‘Powerless’ Book 2 Come Out?

Reckless will be released on July 4, 2024.

ICYMI, Powerless takes places in the kingdom of Ilya, where only the exceptional thrive — the Elites, empowered by the Plague. Paedyn Gray, an Ordinary, navigates life in the slums, posing as a Psychic to survive. When she saves a prince and is thrown into the Purging Trials, her lack of powers becomes perilous. Survival means outwitting both deadly opponents and the prince she’s falling for, who must never learn her secret—she’s completely Ordinary.

The first book first released in January 2023, and has gained immense popularity on BookTok! In April 2024, Lauren released another novel in the series titled Powerful: A Powerless Story, which follows Adena, Paedyn’s best friend.

“As a fellow fantasy reader, it is very important that I am swept away into another world when I’m reading — so much so that it ruins my sleep schedule,” Lauren said in an interview with TheHoneyPop. “That being said, I obviously hope that Powerless can be an enjoyable escape from everyone’s busy lives. But more importantly, the dedication at the beginning of the book says it best.

“I wrote Powerless for every girl (or anyone else for that matter) who has ever felt powerless,” she added. “My hope is that readers feel seen, feel connected to these characters and all they have dealt with.”

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What Is the Plot of ‘Reckless’?

Warning: Powerless spoilers ahead!

Reckless will start right where Powerless left off. Paedyn Gray, after triumphing in the Purging Trials and killing the King, has sparked a rebellion. Now hunted by Kai Azer, Ilya’s new Enforcer, loyalty to duty clashes with desire as they navigate a city without Elites.

Lauren gave some insight into Reckless, and how it may differ from the first novel.

“Reckless will most definitely have a different feel than Powerless did,” she told the outlet. “Perhaps that feeling is due to darker themes, a new relationship, or because we venture from Ilya. This is my attempt to leave you guessing. As for similarities, I like to think that our main characters stay true to themselves throughout the series. Though, that is the exact reason for the tension between the two of them. All that being said, Reckless will definitely take Paedyn and Kai out of their comfort zones—and perhaps, even the reader.”

The fantasy author also revealed that “Paedyn and Kai will find themselves very close together in book two,” adding, “So, prepare yourself for the close proximity trope.”

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