Disney Channel had some seriously iconic series starring some major stars like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, but more often than not, their fictional parents stole the show.

When Hannah Montana premiered in March 2006, fans were shocked to find out that Miley’s actual dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, also played her father on the show.

“Miley used to be bummed being thought of as ‘Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter,'” the singer joked to People in 2006, when the show premiered. “Now I’m getting ready to be known as ‘Miley Cyrus’s dad.'”

At the time, the “7 Things” songstress quipped that the worst part about working alongside a real-life family member was “the drive to the studio.” She added, “He talks the entire way – and I just want to listen to my music.”

Years later, Miley spoke about her father and all the wisdom he’s shared with her over the years.

“My dad wrote down for me one time, ‘Don’t think outside of the box, think like there isn’t one,’ because if you’re thinking about the box at all then you always feel a sense of, ‘Am I going too far,'” she recalled while chatting with PopCrush in September 2020. “My dad also says that when you eliminate the way that doesn’t work, you’re a step closer to the way that’s going to work.”

Fans may remember Maria Canals-Barrera as Theresa Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place, but she also played Demi Lovato’s mom in both Camp Rock movies. During a 2011 interview, the actress praised both of her onscreen daughters.

“Demi went through some stuff, you know I played [their] mom on Camp Rock, I’m just so proud of [them] for getting the help that [they] need,” Maria gushed at the time. When it came to talking about Selena, the Disney Channel alum said the songstress was super sweet to her real-life kids.

“They have a relationship with them,” she gushed. “Selena plays with them and talks to them.”

From the sound of it, these fictional parents were amazing on and off screen! Scroll through our gallery to uncover the best of the best Disney Channel parents. 

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