You already know the type. They're tall, dark, swoon-worthy, and super protective of their high school reputation. And let's face it — if it weren't for those popular jock characters, then films like Mean Girls and Bring it On wouldn't be the well-loved classics they are today.

Of course, we're all pretty used to seeing those jocks get portrayed as the stereotypical mean kid with a popular girlfriend, but if these movies taught us anything, it's that not all high school athletes are the same. Case in point? Well, while Austin Ames was the most popular kid in A Cinderella Story, he turned out to be a geeky aspiring writer. And remember Jaden Stark from How to Build a Better Boy? He might have been a star football player, but he actually turned out to be a really nice guy!

To this day we're still crushing hard-core on these amazing characters (admit it, you totally are too), and now that so much time has passed, we want to know — where are they now? And how did these heartthrobs grow up?

Click through the gallery to find out what your favorite movie jocks are doing now!


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