Lovers of fan-favorite teen movies like Mean Girls and the Bring It On franchise will remember swooning over the hunky jocks in each flick. They may not be teens anymore, but the actors who played these sports stars on screen are still total heartthrobs. But if it weren’t for those popular jock characters, then films like these wouldn’t be the well-loved classics they are today.

Chad Michael Murray, for one, was known as basketball player Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill, but he also played Austin Ames in A Cinderella Story. In the 2004 flick, the high school football star unknowingly falls in love with the quiet “diner girl” while anonymously texting.

“They can make that story time and time again, and it’ll always be evolving due to technology and society,” Chad said during a July 2016 interview when reflecting on the cult classic. “I don’t really know what’s cool anymore, but I think they’d be Snapchatting each other if the movie was made today. I don’t think you can hide under an email anymore.”

Further reflecting on the film, the actor explained that he doesn’t think “hiding” would work for the characters in this era.

“It’s really no different from the modern-day ‘catfish,'” he explained. “The story just struck a chord with so many people, and it’s really cool that I got to be a part of it. The movies and TV shows that I did back then have really just stuck around — I see them on television all the time.”

Just like his fans, sometimes he watched the throwback moves with his family!

“My wife will be sitting at home, and she’ll change the channel and see me and go, ‘Oh my God — you’re such a baby!'” Chad shared in the same interview. “It’s kind of adorable — but then I go and change the channel.”

Of course, he isn’t the only star who we’re still crushing on even to this day. Some well-known names — like Gregg Sulkin and Noah Centineo — were jocks in a few Disney Channel Original Movies before their film careers really kicked off. Scroll through our gallery to see what your favorite former teen movie jocks are up to now!

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