Try not to freak out, you guys, but Christy Carlson Romano turns 36 years old on Friday, March 20, which means it’s been 18 years since Cadet Kelly premiered on Disney Channel. Feel old yet?

For those who forgot, the film followed Kelly Collins, who was forced to move upstate with her mom and stepfather. She had to attend George Washington Military Academy, the school where her stepfather became the Commandant. After she left her friends and everything she had ever known behind, Kelly was faced with difficult decisions. She was bullied by the Cadet Captain and formed a major crush on a boy who was totally off limits. In the end, Kelly finally found a way to succeed!

Disney Channel stars Hilary Duff and Christy nabbed the lead roles and seriously nailed their parts. However, the actresses and the rest of the cast have changed so much since their Cadet Kelly days. The transformation is seriously shocking, and we can’t get over how young all of the characters looked 18 years ago compared to what they look like now!

Scroll through our gallery and check out what the Cadet Kelly cast is up to now!

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