We know it’s hard to believe, but 15 years ago Disney Channel aired Lizzie McGuire‘s final episode, and we think we can speak for all of us when we say our lives haven’t been the same since. The iconic show gave Hilary Duff her big break, and it was one of the most relatable shows on TV at the time. We mean, that episode where Lizzie had to shop for her first bra? Honestly, that pretty much summed up the awkward experience for girls everywhere. The best part? All of the other episodes were just as relatable, which is why it’s still one of our favorite Disney Channel shows to date.

As awesome as the series was, there were still a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets that only came out later. For example, did you know Hilary totally flubbed her first audition? Well, she did. Also, she wasn’t the only actress who was considered for the part of Lizzie. Honestly, you’re going to be shocked when you find out which other familiar faces were up for the role, so without further ado, scroll through the gallery for all the behind-the-scenes secrets you never knew about Lizzie McGuire.

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