Red Velvet‘s Yeri is one of the most popular K-pop stars! As a member of the iconic 3rd Gen girl group, the singer is seriously friends with everyone. To learn more about the Korean star, keep scrolling.

Yeri, 25, is the youngest member of Red Velvet, also known as the group’s “maknae.” Yeri joined the group nearly one year after their original debut in 2014 with their song “Happiness.” Originally a 4-member act that included members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy, Yeri joined the band in March 2015 with the song “Ice Cream Cake.”

Born on March 5, 1999, Yeri is a Pisces and has three younger sisters named Yoo-rim, Ye-eun and Chae-eun.

Along with her career with Red Velvet, Yeri has a few acting jobs under her belt! In 2021, Yeri was cast in tvN’s one-act drama Drama Stage, and starred in web series Blue Birthday as the female lead. In May 2023, Yeri was cast as female lead on Wavve web series Bitch X Rich.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan from 2023, the K-pop star described how different it’s been to work as an actress rather than a singer.

“As Red Velvet, I’ve promoted for a long time, have many hit songs, and am recognized wherever I go,” she began. “But with acting, I’m a complete rookie. But I really like that. Because I can learn a whole lot. Also, since it’s a job where you work really closely with the director, assistant director, filming director, and lighting director, I like that you can work in a friendlier way. I really like working in that way. Even people I meet for the first time feel like family after filming and being together for two to three months.”

She also told the outlet where she’d like to see herself next few years.

“The work I’ve started, I have to do well. My work in singing, acting, my YouTube channel, and more,” she added. “Although I also like getting recognition from others, I want to try doing things that make me look at myself and go, ‘Oh, I’m kind of cool.’ I’m the type to not really take in compliments or criticism, so I have to work diligently until I think that I am doing okay and look cool.”

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