From the Broadway stage to Hollywood, Reneé Rapp is a rising star! Keep reading to see her upcoming movies, shows and more.

ICYMI, Reneé got her start on Broadway prior to booking her role as Leighton in Max’s Sex Lives of College Girls. The North Carolina native played Regina George in Broadway’s adaptation of Mean Girls, which she’s now reprising for the screen!

“I auditioned for College Girls in the middle of the pandemic when nothing was going on. I really wanted to do music, and my agents were telling me to try TV,” Reneé recalled to Elite Daily in December 2022. “I was like, ‘OK, cool.’ I thought that any job that I do will get me some sort of a platform so that I can hopefully do music. Mean Girls was my first big job. It’s such a big part of my career and something that I love so much. I always thought it would be so cool to do a movie. So then when they asked me, I was like, ‘ F–k yeah.'”

However, Reneé announced she would be exiting the show after two seasons in July 2023. Deadline was first to report the news of Reneé’s departure, explaining that she “will appear in a handful of episodes of season 3 of the show.” However, she “will not be a series regular and will depart the show after those episodes,” the outlet shared.

It’s unclear exactly why she’s leaving the show. That being said, Reneé did share a social media statement responding to the news.

College Girls moved me out to L.A. and introduced me to some of my favorite people. Two and a half years later — it’s given me y’all and this community,” the star shared via Instagram Stories in July 2023. “Thank u Mindy [Kaling], Justin [Noble] and everyone at Max for believing in me. A lot of queer work gets belittled — but playing Leighton has changed my life. I love who I am 10x more than I did before knowing her. I hope she gave y’all a little bit of that too.”

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