Prepare yourselves, people, because Rihanna‘s version of “Same Old Love” just surfaced online, and Selena Gomez fans are shook over it. That’s right, before the Disney Channel alum recorded the fan-favorite track, another songstress almost made the song her own!

For those who missed it, back in 2014 — before Selena ultimately dropped the track in 2015 — Rihanna took to Twitter and teased the song’s lyrics.

Now, year’s later, the “Pon De Reply” singer’s version has officially hit the web, and fans are seriously obsessed with it!

“This is the closest thing we’ve had to any Rihanna music in two years so I’m about to stream this leaked s**t like Selena Gomez never sang this,” one fan posted on Twitter after hearing the track. Another added, “Rihanna‘s demo version of ‘Same Old Love’ slaps so hard, I cannot.”

A third person wrote, “While the timeline argues about which version is better, I’m over here mad they didn’t collab… Could you imagine ‘Same Old Love (Remix) Ft. Rihanna’ … The power that would’ve held.”

So, how exactly did the song go from Rihanna to Selena? Well, thanks to Charli XCX, we have an answer!

According to Genius, the “Boom Clap” singer wrote on Tumblr in 2016, “[I] wrote the song with StarGate and Benny Blanco and Ross Golan at the beginning of 201. I think at one point Rihanna was gonna sing it or something, but then I think the direction of her record changed and it wasn’t right for her anymore (Anti is one of my fav albums of the year, btw, slay). Then, I think Selena heard it and was into it, and she sang it, and it just suited her voice and her story so well. The song felt so emotional and real coming from her. I was really happy she cut it; it felt very powerful.”

There you have it, a live look into how the music industry actually operates!

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