The cast of Riverdale took a break from filming season two to pay a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they shared a milkshake with Jimmy himself and played a Family Feud style game with Miley Cyrus and her fam. Yes, so Cole Sprouse and Miley who co-starred together back in their Disney Channel days (hello the That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana crossover extravaganza!) were hanging out again and another special guest was on hand: Cole’s brother Dylan. That’s right, the Sprouse twins were back in action together and Dylan documented it all on his Instagram Story blessing us with plenty of hilarious behind-the-scenes footage. And yes, he’s literally roasting Cole again because that is the sign of true brotherly love between them. Watch the video below to see Dylan hanging out with his brother and the Riverdale cast:

OK, that selfie with Cole and KJ Apa though?! More proof Dylan fits right in and needs to make an appearance on the show. Well, only if he and Cole want it to happen. Don’t want to put any pressure on them, but it is very sweet to see the brothers always being so supportive of each other. Precious.

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