Say it isn't so: Rourtney is over. Fans of Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton had been speculating the couple was dunzo after two years of dating when evidence began piling and now we have the truth.

Ross sat down for an interview with W Magazine and while he doesn't talk about the split, Courtney is referred to as his "then girlfriend," since he was speaking about how they did a movie together, Status Update. So yes, that proves they're no longer together. But there seems to be hope for a reconciliation. Ross and Courtney were spotted out and about together in December of 2017 and now, Ross has gone ahead and replied to one of her tweets which may sound like nothing but it's about her birthday so LAYERS.

ross lynch courtney eaton tweet

It was just Ross' 22nd birthday on Dec. 29 and now with Courtney's is on Jan. 6, so they're only a few days apart which is kind of cute when you think about it. And obviously, they're used to celebrating their birthdays since they dated for so long, so maybe this tweet is a way of Ross letting us all know his former love is still on his mind. Granted, they could be friendly exes and there's nothing more going on, but there's hope for all the Rourtney shippers. Everyone began to speculate there was true trouble in paradise though, when Ross just did an interview with Entertainment Tonight Live, where he was straight up asked by a fan-submitted question, "What's your relationship status now?" and things got a bit awkward.

"What's my relationship status right now? I don't know," Ross said coyly. "I mean, yeah I do know, but I don't know. I'm just going to put it at that."

ross lynch girlfriend question

Umm, okay so major red flag. While Ross and Courtney took their time officially going public with their relationship, not posting photos of each other on social media or walking a red carpet together until they had already been an item for a little while, despite the fact that fans took note Ross was clearly a taken guy. It was in 2015 when he posted a group pic on Instagram that featured the two kissing that confirmed to us all that yes, they were dating.

ross lynch and courtney eaton

Since then, the R5 frontman and the starlet haven't been shy about their relationship, with Courtney joining the Lynch fam vacations and hanging out with Ross' band all the time too. But the last time they posted pics of each other on Instagram was in the summer, with Courtney posting a shot of the couple being silly, taking pics together in June.

And Ross [posted one of Courtney’s stunning modeling photos](, writing “shes ?. Her hearts even better,” in the caption in July. So they were still together during this past summer. They both were in attendance at _Just Jared_’s annual Halloween bash though and didn’t hang out together, so more sad evidence the couple is done. They’ve gone the last two years to this party sporting coordinating couples’ costumes but this year, Ross did a group costume with his band and Courtney did her own thing. She did snap fun pics in the photo booth with Ross’ sister [Rydel]( and their brother [Riker](’s girlfriend Savannah Latimer though.

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But yeah, no pics with Ross basically making it known these two did not hang out in the slightest during the party. Yikes. It was also in July [Ross took to Twitter to defend Courtney]( and their relationship after an intense Raura shipper (meaning Ross and his _Austin & Ally_ co-star [Laura Marano]( was reporting pics of Courtney and Ross in hopes to get them removed, Ross made it clear he cares so much and Court and that’s something she was fully aware of too.

Well, that summer has come and gone and this couple is no longer. Or so we thought. Perhaps they will find their way back to each other after all. We'll just have to wait and see.

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