The Lynch family has welcomed a baby into their family! Capron Funk gave fans an update on wife Rydel Lynch after she went into labor in April 2021, and revealed that the birth went “so well.”

Days later, the couple sat down with their newborn and revealed his name — Super Capron Funk — to fans via social media. “I can’t believe it! My precious baby boy is here!” Rydel wrote on Instagram. 

While the duo was at the hospital, Capron announced that his wife had welcomed their baby boy in an Instagram Stories post. “Thank you guys for caring and looking out,” the YouTuber shared. “We’ll have more updates very soon, we’re just getting everything handled and we’re getting settled. Just catching up on our sleep. Thank you for your support, seriously.”

Prior to Capron’s social media post, the pair shared a vlog on their joint YouTube account of them headed to hospital. They also shared a second video of Rydel giving birth. The couple first announced that they were expecting via YouTube in October 2020. “Capron doesn’t believe me, but I think I’m pregnant,” the former R5 member said in a vlog uploaded to their joint channel. “I bought two pregnancy tests, just for s–ts and giggles really.”

After both tests had positive results, Rydel and Capron hugged with excitement. Then, the video cut to another clip and Rydel told viewers that she took more tests just to be sure, and they all came out positive. “I think it’s safe to say I’m definitely pregnant,” she said at the time.

Their baby news came a few months after Capron and Rydel officially tied the knot on September 12, 2020. The YouTuber first asked the musician to be his girlfriend in June 2019. He held up signs that read, “Girlfriend?” while she was performing alongside her siblings at a The Driver Era concert in Los Angeles. Less than a year later, in February 2020, Capron asked Rydel to marry him while both of their families were playing a game of softball together.

Days after their epic pregnancy announcement, the couple uploaded another video in which they showed fans how they shared the exciting news with friends and family, including Rydel’s brothers Ross, RikerRocky and Ryland Lynch. Since then, the newlyweds have given fans an inside look into their lives as soon-to-be parents. From the sex to the due date, they’ve spilled so much tea. In fact, they posed for a pretty romantic maternity photo shoot in February 2021, which included photos of them painting each other (and the baby bump).

Rydel revealed that Baby Funk’s due date is April 8, 2021, but he didn’t come until a few days later! Scroll through our gallery for all the details on Rydel’s pregnancy. 

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