Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end after seven seasons on June 27 and we know, it's hard to believe that there is life without PLL. The show has become such a staple in so many people's lives and coming up with all of thee possible plot theories has been part of t magic of the series. It really has thrown so many twist and turns at viewers and basically made you come back for more each week because you just wanted answers. Who is A? Then it was who is Uber A? Now it's who is AD? What's with all these secret pairs of twins? The list goes on and on.

For many fans, they stuck it out through those times where it seemed like this show got you all emotionally invested just to NEVER give you any valid answers to all your burning questions, but there is one person who simply had it. She was once a loyal viewer until it all just became too much for her and she fave it up: the one and only Sabrina Carpenter.

The "Thumbs" songstress was hanging out with Brad Simpson, James McVey and Connor Ball from The Vamps for CelebMix and the guys had a list of questions for them to ask her. PLL was the subject of the question Connor asked her and he simply wanted to know who her favorite character from the show is. And that's when the truth was revealed.

"You know what's so funny, I stopped watching the show because it made me so angry because it went on too long. It's not the kind of show like Friends, where you want it to go on forever, it's just that it went on a little too long," Sabrina explained.

OK, that's fair enough. It has been on for seven years, but that's because it was just too good and fans obviously wanted more! Connor surprisingly admitted that he has seen the show before and his fave character is the big bad A.

"Mine is A. I don't really [know] the show, but I've watched like two episodes. Did they reveal who A is?" he asked Sabrina, which got her going even more.

"Still, no they haven't! Well, it's been like six different people, we'll talk about this later. But I'm going to say my favorite character is Ali," she said.

Well, at least she does have a personal fave from her time being a loyal viewer. Guess she just couldn't hack it when it came to the PLL fandom, and that's understandable. It's a big life commitment. But hey, she'll always have the memory of when she met Cece herself, actress Vanessa Ray.

A photo any PLL fan would love to have! But we totally see where Sabrina is coming from. It can get a bit annoying dealing with a show dragging on instead of it getting to the point and if you're not enjoying it anymore, time to find something new to obsess over.

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