The finale of School Spirits is finally here! The Paramount+ series follows Peyton List as the character of Maddie, a (seemingly) murdered teenager stuck in the afterlife at her high school, alongside a support group of other ghost teenagers. Keep reading for all the spoiler-y answers you’re looking for, like who killed Maddie, if she’s really dead and more. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Who Killed Maddie In ‘School Spirits’?

Throughout her time in the afterlife, Maddie attempts to discover who seemingly murdered her, as she can’t remember anything about the day she died. The suspect list jumps from her ex-boyfriend to her teacher to her mother, until finally, it’s revealed that she might not be so dead after all.

The day she is “murdered,” Maddie gets into a fight with her mother at school, where she then overhears yelling in the boiler room. There, Mr. Martin appears (leader of the support group) and Janet, a teenaged ghost, who runs into Maddie, successfully possessing her body. Following that, Janet escapes and buys a bus ticket to Detroit all while taking Maddie’s body with it.

For context, Janet is a character that is never seen throughout the series, but is also a ghost who used to be apart of the spirit support group. In the first episode, while Maddie is first introduced to the spirits, she asks if her seat was taken, and the ghosts replied that it used to be Janet’s chair. At the time, the ghosts believed that Janet’s ghost had finally crossed over — which is now, as we know, definitely not the case.

Is Maddie *Really* Dead?

Maddie is not dead, it turns out that Janet is using her body. So, it’s more of an astral misplacement rather than a murder.

How Did Mr. Martin Die? What Is He Hiding?

Mr. Martin reveals that he died in an accident in the chemistry lab, trying to put out a fire started by one of the students. However, after he responds that he feels “guilty” over the accident because he disappointed his students, the school spirits are left suspicious. They find an old computer containing records from the event, which reveal that Mr. Martin was actually the one who started the fire.

On top of that, the ghosts realize he has been conducting research on the spirits during the support group, even hiding some of their last known possessions.

At the end of the finale, it’s still unclear what Mr. Martin is up to exactly, or his connection to Janet possessing Maddie’s body. Guess we’re going to need a second season to unpack it all!

Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘School Spirits’?

While Paramount+ has yet to announce season 2 of School Spirits, showrunner Oliver Goldstick and coproducer Nate Trinrud told J-14 exclusively that they have “lots of thoughts” on a second season.

“Oh, we got ’em. We have lots of thoughts,” Nate says, with Olivier joking, “We can’t share them. We’ll have to kill you.”

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