Selena Gomez left everyone completely shook when she took to the 2017 American Music Awards red carpet sporting blonde hair, but then she took the stage. This performance was historic for a few reasons. It is the first time Selena has performed since she had her kidney transplant over the summer. This was also the first time she sang "Wolves" in front of an audience and it kind of had us scratching our heads if we're being honest here. Some fans have taken to Twitter to question whether or not Sel was actually singing.

The vibe of the performance was kind of like lost in the woods crossed with being emotionally torn up inside. But, she also sported fake blood on her knees and on her forehead. It was definitely something that has everyone talking. Sel started the performance on the floor and ended it there as well. Not only that but she also gave the audience a shoulder shrug and a smirk before walking off the stage. I kid you not. WE GOT A SHOULDER SHRUG FROM SELENA. I kind of feel personally victimized by that, but I DIGRESS.

selena gomez wolves amas ending

One Twitter user said, "Omg was Selena Gomez lip syncing?…..#AMAs."

No one expected this. But, to be fair, her dancers were awesome and the whole thing was very artistic so we have to give her props for that.

While Justin is not at the AMAs, we have a feeling he was watching somewhere and cheering her on. In an odd plot twist, Miley Cyrus gave Selena a bizarre shout out on social media ahead of her performance. The Hannah Montana alum wasn't at the show, and she let fans know why. According to her Instagram story she was busy focusing on her responsibilities as a coach on The Voice. She posted a photo of herself holding up old photos of Selena and wrote, "Have a gr8 performance tonight! Sad to not be at Amas ! Focused on The Voice and making sure #TeamMiley wins! #garagecleanout @selenagomez fitting when she's like…. 10."


LOL! Jokes aside, Selena got up there and did her thing. While she seemed a bit distant, it's always hard to get up and perform after going through so much in your life and perhaps this was exactly the vibe she was going for after all. She is a performer after all, so she knows what she's doing up there on stage.

We're hoping Selena was happy with her performance because that's what matters most.

selena gomez wolves dancers

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