If you could be Selena Gomez in the days leading up to her REVIVAL tour, would you? While almost all of you reading this would have probably answered, 'Yes', we've got the inside scoop about how she prepares for her tour life and what she eats like every day. These celebs are busy people so naturally, we're all curious as to what their favorite meals and snacks are and now if you actually do want to be like Selena, you kind of can be. At least when it comes to her fave foods! Selena is fit, strong and always seems super confident in everything she wears and she's doing it all in a smart and healthy way.

Of course, before Selena went on tour she was working out like crazy, there's no doubt about that. Not only was she doing cardio and yoga to round out her exercise schedule, but she was also dancing and moving around for hours during rehearsals. She put serious WERK, and it was all thanks to the help of her trainer, Amy Rosoff. J-14 chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Amy about what Selena typically eats every day leading up to the tour. The songstress isn't restrictive in the slightest with what she puts into her body and is all about eating whatever she wants – in moderation.

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"Honestly every day was so different… She eats what she wants and doesn't really stick to the same stuff. She just doesn't eat huge amounts," Amy exclusively said to J-14. The celebrity trainer actually gave us the breakdown of specific meals and things the "Bad Liar" tends to chow down on for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just in case, you know, you wanted to actually try it out. We're going to, TBH.


So, what does Selena like to have for breakfast?

"Green Juice, avocado toast — sometimes with feta, good olive oil, and a little bit of salt; breakfast burrito, bagel and cream cheese, rice cake and peanut butter, sometimes with sliced apple," Amy explained.

Okay, this really all sounds incredible and not too hard especially if you find yourself waking up super hungry and want something quick to make before you head out the door to school, work, or practice.


Lunch is up next and Selena's fave options are all something you can easily whip up yourself too.

"Chinese chicken salad, chicken salad plain or in a sandwich, turkey sandwich with lettuce slaw, tacos or rice and beans," Amy told us.

Again, all of this seems really good and we're beginning to see a pattern here. Selena deprive herself in the slightest from enjoying her fave foods! She does what she wants and puts meals in her body that are not just good for you, but also delicious which is what matters here.

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When Amy says that Selena eats everything in moderation, it's true. Amy has shown us that you don't only have to stick to just eating the same boring just eating fruits and vegetables. You can switch things up!


Now, it's time for dinner. Amy listed, "Salmon and veg, roast chicken, pasta and veggies or Mexican food," as some of Selena's faves. So clearly balance is key for Sel!

"She doesn't eat huge amounts or overindulge because she doesn't live by restrictive rules. Obsession is the worst! It doesn't mean eat a Big Mac at every meal, but it means you can eat things you love, just sensibly," Amy explained.

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That motto is exactly what we should all live by.


And, obviously, Selena loves her some snacks. Who doesn't?! There are a few things she loves to munch on between meals.

"Pickles (her fave), tortilla chips and salsa or guac, chicken salad or popcorn," Amy told us. It's nice to know her love for pickles is still going strong, tbh.

Between these list of go-to snacks and her fave meal options, you now know what Selena loves to typically eat in a day, and she has given us plenty of inspo here. This is literally the most relatable meal plan we've ever seen. It will definitely help you feel energized, healthy and confident in your own skin.

There's one more thing Amy told us is something we all should keep in mind: water is the most important thing to drink! Any said she personally always has a glass of water or a bottle in her hand at all times. But, to make it even tastier if you aren't totally into the plain tap water kind of thing.

"I am a big fan of putting stuff in water if it helps you drink it. Citrus, herbs, fruit…anything. My favorite is spa water: lemon, cucumber, mint, and orange. Put that on some ice with a straw," Amy said.

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Amy is super positive about clean eating and motivating, which is probably why Selena has become one of her main clients and closest friends. They spent tons of time together before the REVIVAL tour in their trainer-client relationship as well as building a friendship.

We of course just had to ask Amy what is one thing Selena would want her fans to know when it comes to working on physical and mental health as a human being. You know, take the celebrity away. Take away the fact that this was all to prepare for a tour. What steps can YOU take to feel better in your own skin?

"LOVE yourself. It is the best thing you can do," Amy said. And we know that's something Selena truly is all about.

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