There’s been a lot of speculation around who Selena Gomez‘s new songs were about, and now, the singer is clearing the air once and for all. For those who missed it, the former Wizards of Waverly Place star dropped two new tracks, called “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now,” on October 23 and 24, and fans were convinced they were about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

“I wrote this song over a year ago, ‘Lose You To Love Me,’ and I feel completely different from when I wrote it. It’s more beautiful to me because I know exactly where I was when I wrote it and how I felt,” Selena admitted. She explained that it definitely would have been too hard for her to release the candid tune at the time. “It took me a long time to get through it. Now, it’s fine, like, I’m smiling! I’m so great.”

In the song, the “Bad Liar” songstress sang about being hurt after an unnamed ex moved on with another girl. But in the end, she realized that she’s much stronger without him. As fans know, Justin and Selena officially split in May 2018, and the “Love Yourself” crooner was spotted smooching his now-wife, Hailey Baldwin, just two months later.

“I’ve actually experienced that a million times before and that’s the unfortunate part about what I do. So it’s all very real to me, and I’m sure it’s just entertainment for other people, but I just — I think I had become numb to it. It would be stupid of me if I didn’t acknowledge what I had felt because it would be inauthentic, and that’s everything I claim to be and do,” the 27-year-old explained. “I know there are thousands of people, men and women, who have felt this feeling, and it’s extremely real, and on top of the social media and everything, it doesn’t matter if you’re in my position or if you’re in someone’s because you’re always going to somehow find this negative space. It’s just that’s what — that’s why I have to be careful, and I just have to take steps back and just focus on what I’m doing and no one else.”

Selena Gomez New Song About Justin Bieber
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“[The song is] everything from happy and emotional to just realizing it and being frustrated. I just wanted to validate all of those feelings because they were extremely real to me,” Selena said. “I’m always going to be honest with people. I’ve never not been. I might not be overly chatty about it all the time, but this is where I’m able to release it. This is where it turns into art … In a way, it’s not something negative, it’s something positive, that I was able to experience that. As beautiful and ugly as it was, I think it’s beautiful that I’ve been able to turn this into a new chapter.”

As for her second single, “Look At Her Now,” Selena revealed that it’s dedicated to her fans.

“I wanna show that there’s so much strength in being and claiming who you are, especially for me as a woman. I think it’s a million times harder for me to even speak or do anything like this because I’ll just get criticized for it. But if I allow that to go in then I’m never going to release what I really feel inside. This was me actually feeling like I did it. I actually did it, and now, it’s just up from here,” the brunette beauty said. “I wanted to do that really for my fans. So ‘Lose You To Love Me’ to me was the single, but I think that the other song should be for my fans. They stood by me for years and years and years and walked with me through everything I’ve gone through and I just wanted to let them know that I was good.”

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“These two songs were me wrapping up a chapter in a pretty little bow,” she concluded. “And the rest of the album is just all about where I am now and where I’m going so in my opinion, these are great songs, but I’ve saved the best for later.”

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