Following the 2024 Golden Globes on Friday, January 8, so many ridiculous moments from one of Hollywood’s biggest nights have gone viral. However, one interaction between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift has the internet in a lip-reading frenzy — as it appears she might (emphasis on “might”) have been talking about Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner.

ICYMI, a clip shared all over social media shows Selena intensely talking to Taylor and Keleigh Sperry during a break in the show, with both stars dropping their mouths in shock after hearing whatever the Rare Beauty founder said.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to hear exactly what Selena says to Taylor and Keleigh, however, at one point Keleigh can be heard exclaiming: “With Timothée?,” in which she receives a nod from Selena.

So, what does the internet think Selena told her friends? … “I asked for a picture with him and she said no.”

Internet users have already taken the clip and ran with it, alleging the supposed “she” in the video was in reference to Timothée’s girlfriend, Kylie — with no evidence to prove that fact.

This is particularly interesting to fans since just one year ago, there was the — you know — eyebrow drama.

The drama began after Selena posted a video of herself via TikTok in February 22, 2023, admitting she accidentally overdid a laminated eyebrow makeup look. Within that same day, the Only Murders in the Building star dethroned Kylie as the most followed woman on Instagram — so all eyes were on the reality star’s social media accounts for a possible reaction.

It didn’t take long for fans to immediately react to a photo Kylie posted on Instagram a few hours later, which they theorized was seemingly hinting at Selena’s prior post. The photo was of Kylie’s recent makeup look, with text on top of her eyebrows saying, “This was an accident??” Following that, Kylie posted a screenshot of her and Hailey Bieber on FaceTime, with close-ups of their eyebrows.

A TikTok video by the account @devotedly.yours went viral for pointing out the possible shade towards Selena, which Kylie eventually commented under.

The Kylie Beauty founder wrote, “This is reaching. No shade towards Selena ever and I didn’t see her eyebrow posts! [You] guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly.”

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