Is Sex Education over? The show follows Asa Butterfield as Otis, an awkward British teen, who uses his knowledge of sex education he learned from his sex therapist mom (Gillian Anderson) to help his fellow students practice safe sex. Keep reading for details on season 5, if the show’s been cancelled and more.

Is There Going to Be a ‘Sex Education’ Season 5?

Sorry, Sex Education fans. Season 4 of the Netflix show serves as its very last, and it premiered on September 21, 2023.

It was announced that the fourth season of Sex Education would serve as its final season in July 2023.

The creator of the show, Laurie Nunn, officially announced the end of the series in a letter to fans. “We wanted to make a show that would answer some of the questions we all used to have about love, sex, friendship, and our bodies. Something that would have helped our inner teenagers feel a little less alone. It’s been overwhelming seeing how the show has connected with people around the world, and we hope it’s made some of you feel a little less alone too.”

Why Is ‘Sex Education’ Ending?

The writers made the choice to wrap up Sex Education as the story had simply run its course. During her official announcement of the show ending, the creator wrote, “This was not an easy decision to make, but as the themes and stories of the new season crystallized, it became clear that this was the right time to graduate.”

It also sounds like the cast were equally ready to say goodbye. As most of the cast of Sex Education is approaching their late twenties, the actors can’t play teenagers any longer — something Emma Mackey hinted at back in February 2023.

“It’s just always tricky, it’s different when you’re playing a character that is sort of stuck in time. You know, we’re playing 17-year-olds, and we’re all almost 30, it is a bit weird,” Emma told Total Film. “It’s a blessing because it is a launchpad and it is something that has given us opportunities in different ways but it’s something that I want to gracefully exit from, and be happy that it exists and protect it and enjoy it in the time that it has existed in but yeah, it needs to be left alone now I think.”

Last year, Ncuti, who starred in Barbie and is the new Doctor Who, shared sentiments to Rolling Stone about Sex Education. “I feel like we’ve outgrown it and we’ve given everything we can to it.”

Season 4 of Sex Education is streaming on Netflix now.

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