There's nothing like the excitement of boarding an airplane, knowing you're heading somewhere new. So imagine what it's like to look over as you're walking to your seat and see the one and only Shawn Mendes chilling on your flight. Well, that happened to one fan who naturally recorded it all and basically, we now know what it would be like if we happened to walk onto a plane and see the "Mercy" singer sitting there.

In the clip, the fan walks by and hilariously whispers "Shawn Mendes!" and we see the 19-year-old singer just in his seat, with his headphones in and music most likely already playing in them. So no, he doesn't notice this fan totally recognize him but that kind of makes this moment even better.

OK, but like how amazing that Shawn is chilling on a normal flight just like the rest of us, despite the fact that he's a superstar now? Honestly, if you ever saw Shawn sitting on a plane you were literally boarding, you wouldn't necessarily want to go up to him when he's comfortable in his seat and bother him for a selfie. So this interaction we'll be so bold to call it is nothing short but memorable. Tbh, that woman who was lucky enough to be sitting next to him — who clearly isn't is rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin — is the true winner here. You think they had a thrilling conversation? Did she even know who he is? Wonder if they even spoke at all, since you know, usually you don't say much if you're sitting next to a stranger on a plane. We have so many questions but hey, now we know there's a chance for all of us to possible run into dear Shawn on a flight. You know never.

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