Shawn Mendes has been slaying hearts everywhere with his heartfelt lyrics and catchy af songs ever since his Vine days and now that hes a full on superstar, it's kind of hard to forget that he's only 18 years old. He's accomplished so much already in his career, including graduating high school. That's right, this time last year, Shawn walked across the stage in a cap and gown and received his diploma. Here he is posing alongside his mom, dad and younger sister, Aaliyah.

How precious. He really was proud, as he should be! Finishing school while simultaneously you know, traveling the world out on tour and being a rock star isn't easy. Need to have some solid time management skills I would say.

But the "Mercy" singer has once again found himself back home in his native Canada for another graduation. This time, it was Aaliyah's turn to celebrate finishing up a chapter of her school life and her big bro was right there. Shawn took to Instagram to share a precious pic of himself and his sister in honor of her eighth grade graduation.

"Very proud of you @aaliyahmende.s , love you x," he wrote in the caption.

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Very proud of you @aaliyahmende.s , love you x

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For real, how stunning does Aaliyah look? And it's kind of crazy just how much she and Shawn look alike. Yes we know, they're siblings so of course but still, seeing them together again all grown up and looking all fancy is really bringing out the resemblance!

shawn mendes and aaliyah

Shawn has been out on tour for quite some time now and he even took to Twitter to let his fans know that although he's been rather quiet on social media lately during his downtime, he's been busy growing up and moving out of his parents' house.

And of course he's still working on new music too.

So Shawn's trip back home is a gift to us all.

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