Ever since it premiered in July 2015, fans have been obsessed with the show Bunk’d. For its first three seasons, the Jessie spinoff series followed the Emma, Ravi and Zuri Ross as they headed off to Camp Kikiwaka. Then, Season 4 introduced a whole new set of campers, and viewers cannot get enough. Well guys, Shelby Simmons just dished to J-14 exclusively about what goes on behind-the-scenes of the show, and it sounds like they have an amazing time when the cameras stop rolling.

“The set designer has this stuffed squirrel, and one of my costars Scarlett [Estevez] is super obsessed with the squirrel. So every episode, he hides the squirrel somewhere in the set, and our job is to find it,” the actress told us. “He hides it so well. Sometimes we don’t find it, it’s so terrible. He leaves it there until we find it and that’s the running mystery. Where is the squirrel going to be next?”

According to Shelby, she and her costars are super close in real life!

“All of us are friends. It’s so awesome,” she gushed. “I’ve never gotten along with everybody as well as I’ve gotten along with the people on this set. I’ve bonded really well with everybody, and I love kids so it just kind of works out. It’s really great.”

For those who missed it, it was announced back in February that the show had been renewed for its fifth season, and the 18-year-old has some pretty epic ideas for what she’d like to see go down.

“I would love to see where the relationship goes between Lou [Hockhauser] and my brother. I have an older brother in the show and they became friends, so I’d love to see where that goes,” she said. “For my character specifically, I think it would be super funny if she found a love interest. Right now, I can’t picture that happening to her and I think it would be a really fun time if some guy came to camp and she [falls for him].”

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