Meet your new favorite band: The Buckleys! The three-piece Australian group — comprised of Sarah, Lachlan and Molly Buckley — has been taking over the world (literally) with their music, and released their debut album Daydream on September 25.

To celebrate the new record, The Buckleys caught up with J-14 and spilled some major tea on Daydream, revealed their dream collaboration and explained how they pulled off a global tour during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

J-14: Tell us about Daydream, what can fans expect from the new album?

Sarah: Daydream is our debut album and we still kind of can’t believe it’s really coming out into the world, it’s a total daydream. It’s really everything — all the music, stories, melodies, harmonies, ideas and inspiration — that’s been inside of us since we first fell in love with music to where we are now as musicians and songwriters. There’s a lot of different flavors on this album, and you can expect pop, country, rock, some funky grooves and more! But every song is completely “us” and really authentic, which is what makes this album so special to us — it’s everything we dreamed our first album would be which is why we decided to name it after the title track.

J-14: What is each of your favorite songs off the album and why?

Sarah: It’s hard because I wrote all of the songs on this album, so every one of them has a special place in my heart! One of my favorites at the moment though would be “Woodstock69.” As soon as we wrote it, I fell in love with it and knew it had a really special and important place on this record. I had never written a song like that and it was a different way of storytelling for me. It talks about one of the most iconic music festivals of all time, Woodstock in 1969, which represents a time in music that I love and has influenced me a lot as a writer and musician, growing up with my parents playing a lot of that stuff from the 60s and 70s. To me it’s all about being “real” — as a musician and as a person. And it’s about embracing freedom to do that! Fun fact, when we wrote it and when I was recording the vocals, I pulled up images of the crowds at Woodstock to try and feel what it would be like to be a part of it.

Lachlan: My favorite two songs would have to be “Wild Honey” and “Crazy Like You.” “Wild Honey” just has this pretty soothing country feeling but also has a mega-powerful energy that builds and builds throughout the song. “Crazy Like You” on the other hand has a much more rock-blues feeling, this one I love because the song is only what it is because of the drums. Aside from the rocking instruments, it’s the drums that bring the feeling to your body!

Molly: “Crazy Like You,” I love the punch it packs and I can’t help but move my body when it plays! When Lachlan played his first demo recording of this song I was captured from the beginning. “Woodstock69” is also a killer, I think there’s so much power in its simplicity.

J-14: What is your writing process like?

Sarah: I write all the time so my process is constantly changing depending on where I am and what I’m experiencing or being inspired by. I’m literally always singing wherever I am and have found that lately a lot of the ideas have just popped into my head when I don’t even realize I’m writing a song, because I’m just singing out loud mindlessly. Then we’ll either go write it into a proper song or record it on my phone and write it when I can.

J-14: Are the songs inspired by anyone or anything in your real life?

Sarah: I’m always inspired by the things that are happening around me, and all the songs on this record come from a real place. I think we all go through life and feel the same emotions — happiness, anger, heartbreak, love and excitement. So, to me when I’m writing, it’s most important to capture exactly what that feeling and emotion is so no matter what experience someone is going through, we can relate to each other in the way that we’re feeling. I love when people can interpret a song in all different ways and connect different experiences to it. “Breathe” is a song on this album that I think captures that idea.

J-14: Does that make you nervous to release something that’s so personal?

Sarah: Not really. The songs I write that are always the most special to me are the ones that I know come from the realest place. I know that people can feel that authenticity and relate to it too. My favorite songs by other artists are when I can feel exactly what or who they’re singing about because the emotion is so raw and authentic.

J-14: You’ve already released a few singles and they’ve gotten such a great response. What was it like to see fans react so well to your music?

Molly: It’s always a little daunting when releasing new music, you’re in quite a vulnerable position especially when you’re taking risks and trying something new, which is a big part of what we love to do in the studio. But to then see people enjoy our tunes as much as we love playing them is so wonderful! It really does mean so much to us when we see people grooving out and loving our music.

J-14: You guys recently went on a virtual tour. What was that like?

Lachlan: The virtual tour was a pretty crazy and an awesome experience, especially because we were able to reach up to four million people! Because our band was quarantining as well, we had to use what we had here in the house, which was just our family! So, we threw our little brother and dad on the drums, Sarah learned how to play bass and we all quickly adjusted to performing to the world virtually. We pretty much just had a big ol’ jam and hoped to bring some smiles to people’s faces at a time when everyone needed it.

J-14: Any plans to tour in person once it’s safe?

Lachlan: We definitely have plans to do some touring and play shows all around the world when we can. One of our favorite things to do on the planet is play music to crowds of rocking people, all having a good time! There’s something about the energy and feeling you get from it. We’re super pumped to be doing an Australian tour next year called the Country Roadshow with a bunch of other rad Aussie acts, so that’ll be a lot of fun in February!

J-14: Can you talk about how the band was first formed?

Molly: We were raised in a musical household where there were always instruments at every corner of the room, so it was a very natural progression for us all to start playing together. In 2012, Mum and Dad took us to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, we went out busking [street performing] one day and ended up in the top 10 of the busking competition, a competition we had no idea we were in, among 600 other buskers! We were invited to play the main stage, which was the biggest stage we had played on at that point and the largest crowd we had ever played to. That’s what got the ball rolling, we all realized music is something we want to pursue as a career.

J-14: Do you guys ever argue? If so, about what?

Molly: Most arguments will happen when we’re hangry, but as soon as some food hits our stomachs all is forgotten. Front seat is always a hot debate topic, anyone with siblings will understand!

J-14: Who is your dream collaboration?

Lachlan: My dream collaboration would have to be the dudes from Greta Van Fleet. Their great songs and musicianship never fail to inspire me.

J-14: Do you have any advice for people who are feeling low during the pandemic?

Sarah: It’s hard, but I think it’s important to remember that everyone is going through it together. We’re not alone in this and it’s important to reach out to people, do things that make you happy and make you feel good! Moving your body and exercising is so important. Crazy as it sounds, cold showers are also good and generally eating well, staying productive, trying new things, watching a good rom-com and occasionally indulging in chocolate or pizza makes me feel good!

J-14: How are you staying busy during the pandemic?

Molly: Well the world virtual tour definitely left no time for boredom! Gearing up for our album release has also kept us busy. I’m songwriting a lot and learning how to record my own demos, which has been really fun!

J-14: What’s next for you?

Sarah: Well we are so excited for this album to be out and to eventually be able to tour as many places as possible. We have an Australian tour coming up next year we’re so excited for and hopefully there will be a lot more of that! We’re always busy writing new music too so you can expect a lot more coming from us.

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