Get ready, guys, because Jackson Dollinger is about to become your new favorite artist! He may be known for his role as Young Max on the Disney Channel series Sydney To The Max, but the 13-year-old also has a budding music career.

On August 14, Jackson dropped his brand new single “Reflection,” and we can’t stop listening to it, TBH. But that’s not all! The actor and musician just spilled some major tea about the track exclusively to J-14, and revealed the song’s super personal meaning. Plus, he also shared some details on the music video and his upcoming EP, Social Isolation!

J-14: Tell us about your new single “Reflection!” What’s it about?

Jackson Dollinger: So, “Reflection” is straight from the heart. I feel like quarantine has given us all the time to really think and reflect upon our lives, and “Reflection” is really just a self-reflection song. Throughout the track, I ask myself questions: What am I doing this for? What if I’m living too fast, maybe too slow. And it was really just a therapy session with myself.

J-14: What inspired the song?

Jackson: So far, I’ve written all my songs in quarantine. I’d definitely say quarantine inspired the song.

J-14: Do you have a favorite line of lyrics from the song?

Jackson: In the chorus I say, “cause my reflection tells me don’t stop now,” and I really like that line. Also, there’s a line in the verse that says, “nobody’s going to bring me down.” I like that line a lot.

J-14: What can fans expect to see in the music video for “Reflection?”

Jackson: I cannot wait to share the music video! It’s going to be coming out late August and it’s literally the opposite of the location where we shot the “I’m Yours” video. It’s me basically reflecting on my life in a desolate area. I don’t want to give too much away, but all I can say is that it’s the opposite of “I’m Yours.”

J-14: Do you have any behind-the-scenes moments that you can remember from the “Reflection” music video set?

Jackson: The most memorable moment was when we were shooting at night and we once we got all the shots — we were at a house with the pool — I wanted to jump in the pool with all my clothes on for a “that’s a wrap” thing. I’ll never forget this, it was super fun! Basically, we just blasted the song, I screamed “that’s a wrap” and jumped in the pool with all my clothes on.

J-14: You also have an EP coming out called Social Isolation! Why did you decide to make that the title?

Jackson: So, that title actually has a double meaning because I made all of the songs on it during quarantine, or this social isolation period. And the title also refers to different moments in my life where I felt isolated in certain relationships.

J-14: What’s your song writing process like?

Jackson: I started off making beats on Garage Band after I was looking on YouTube, and I saw a video of Nick Mira — who’s my favorite producer. He was doing beat-making tutorials and that inspired me to start messing around on Garage Band. Then, I got pretty good [at] that and then I thought it was time to step it up and move up to the pro software, Logic Pro X. I took drum lessons, music theory lessons, started making beats on Logic Pro X and then my parents kind of told me that no one really understands just the instrumentals, try to write songs, maybe sing over your beats. So I got some vocal coaching and training, then I just started writing songs and each one got better and better.

J-14: Your music is super unique. What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

Jackson: I think everyone has their own unique sound. I grew up listening to a bunch of different genres of music, and I feel like my sound really blends a lot of different genres and artists’ styles together. I’d say what sets my music apart from other people is the fact that I’m doing it all myself. I’m making the beats, recording it, writing the lyrics all in my home studio.

J-14: What’s your favorite part about making music all by yourself?

Jackson: I love having the creative freedom. When I’m in the studio, it’s my little escape. I don’t have to do what anyone tells me and I can just let my ideas just flow. It’s really fun to have complete artistic control.

J-14: If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Jackson: Well, it would be Juice Wrld because he’s my favorite artist, but sadly he passed away. But probably The Kid Laroi or Iann Dior.

For more from Jackson be sure to check out Sydney To The Max on Disney Channel and stay tuned for his upcoming EP, Social Isolation!

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