Sofia Carson is a natural beauty! The Purple Hearts actress, who is best known for playing Evie in Disney’s Descendants franchise, loves to post Instagram photos with and without makeup. Keep reading for all of the times the former Disney star has ditched her makeup.

During an interview with POPSUGAR from 2021, Sofia explained that her love of makeup was inspired by her mother’s vanity full of beauty products while she was growing up.

“I remember the smell so vividly and how the lipstick would make me feel,” she told the outlet of the vanity. “It made me feel unstoppable.”

The former Disney star explained that her mother, Laura Char Carson, helped her create her own beauty regime.

“Growing up, I remember seeing photos of her wearing red lipstick with her beautiful skin, and she always gravitated toward classic beauty and classic fashion,” said Sofia, sharing the biggest lesson her mother taught her when it comes to beauty. “My mom has always told me that the prettiest girls are the happiest girls. [My mom and grandmother] are the epitome of that. They’re these incredible, empowered, strong women whose beauty shines from within.”

For her role in Descendants, Sofia explained it was the first time she realized that makeup could actually be used to tell a story. In the Disney flick, she wore a different kind of glam than what she was used to: blue eyeliner and bright red lipstick.

“Evie’s makeup was so specific — it was the crimson-red lips that were an ode to Snow White; it was the dark blue eyeliner that was an ode to the Evil Queen. I remember the makeup artists working with me to tell her story through makeup,” she explained. “It became a big part of her character and it was beautiful to feel that transformation in the makeup chair every time I stepped in it.”

The Purple Hearts actress explained that makeup, to her, is not about “trying to change” who she is, but “accenting and highlighting” who she is.

“That, I think, is the true beauty of makeup,” Sofia said. “It isn’t trying to change who we are or how we look, but it’s accentuating our natural beauty, our beauty from within.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see all of the times that Sofia ditched her glam and rocked her natural beauty!

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