She’s all grown up! Sophia Grace Brownlee rose to fame on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside her cousin Rosie McClelland. Now, they’re both teenagers still in the public eye.

While Sophia Grace has changed a lot over the years, the budding star has shut down plastic surgery speculation — especially when it comes to her lips.

“So someone said, ‘At first, when I saw you on social media, I thought you had plastic surgery, do you?'” she clarified in a YouTube video from July 2022. “No, I don’t have any plastic surgery. I’ve probably answered this quite a lot of times on my Instagram and on YouTube. So no, I haven’t had any plastic surgery.”

The internet star added, “I mean, I really don’t think my lips look that big. Maybe I haven’t underlined them as much as I usually do today. But I’ve never had lip fillers. I wouldn’t be interested in getting lip fillers.”

Instead of getting lip fillers, Sophia Grace is a fan of just using makeup.

“Makeup is very powerful and obviously I look very different without makeup to what I do with it, which most people do,” she added in the video. “And, yeah, so that’s the reason why maybe people think it is because I am quite good at makeup and I’m quite good at making my face look like maybe I have had surgery, even though I haven’t.”

Other than continuing her successful YouTube career, she’s started to focus on a career in fashion by creating a brand called LoLo London — which has since closed.

“I always wanted to have my own business, whether it’s been clothes, makeup, or something I’m really passionate about,” Sophia Grace told E! News in December 2021. “I’m always interested in different fashions so I just wanted to make something that everyone can relate to.”

The one thing that Sophia Grace wants fans to know? That even though she’s grown up in the public eye, she’s “still the same person” that she was as a kid.

“The whole time that I’ve been online, I was younger and people saw me as a little girl in like a tutu and a tiara,” she told E! News. “I still have the same crazy personality, but I just look more grown up.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Sophia Grace’s transformation over the years. 

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