If there was any doubt in your minds that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are soulmates, prepare to have it squashed. And that’s because the Game of Thrones star just revealed that the Jonas Brothers singer legit saved her life. Wow, find us a love like theirs.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the 23-year-old revealed that she was “going through this phase of being very mentally unwell” when she first met her husband.

“Having your adolescence being displayed in public, that’s something I really wish hadn’t happened. Being in the age of social media when that’s happening, I think I would be a much saner person if I hadn’t been documented from 13 — your most awkward, uncomfortable, unsure-of-yourself years,” the blonde beauty explained. “Suddenly, everyone’s metabolism slows down at 17, 18 and then that’s documented. My skin and everything. People commenting on it. I was too aware of my body at a young age. And it just kind of took over my mind, it was all I would think about. Calorie counting, everything. Oh, I’ll just eat nuts today.”

And it was Joe, 29, that helped pull her out of it in the end.

“He was, like, ‘I can’t be with you until you love yourself, I can’t see you love me more than you love yourself.’ That was something, him doing that,” she continued. “I think he kind of saved my life, in a way.”

Awww. How sweet is that? The actress also opened up about it to Dr. Phil back in April.

“I love myself now, or more than I used to,” she said. “I’m now with someone that makes me realize, you know, that I do have some redeeming qualities, I suppose, and when someone tells you they love you every day, it makes you realize why that is, and I think it makes you love yourself a bit more.”

As fans know, the couple shocked the entire world when they had a surprise wedding in Las Vegas on May 1 after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. They first started dating back in October 2016, and announced they were engaged one year later. It’s pretty clear that these two are meant for one another.

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