Being propelled into the spotlight at a young age can definitely be hard, just take it from Noah Schnapp. The Stranger Things star just got real about how he balances fame and his “regular childhood life.”

It turns out, despite starring in one of Netflix’s biggest shows ever, the actor still goes to school just like a normal kid! And just like other normal kids his age, he is obsessed with TikTok. Yep, the 15-year-old has actually racked up more than 11 million followers on the video streaming app, and sometimes, people will recognize him on the street because of his TikTok and not because of his acting!

“I find that so funny. Some people come up to me in public and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, are you Noah from TikTok?'” he told Variety in a new interview. “It’s so weird to get recognized for that. I think it’s the really young fans who have never even heard of Stranger Things. Sometimes I’ll see a group of little kids on the street and they’ll be like, ‘Noah! Renegade for us!'”

The star also opened up about he gained so many followers.

“When I first got it I told all my Instagram followers to follow me and I got a few million followers. And then, I don’t really know. I started to make a bunch of TikToks and get really active on there and really just enjoy myself,” he explained. “And then I made this dance. I don’t even know why. It was just some random thing. I wanted to say that I made a dance because I feel like everyone does that on there. Then all the creators started doing it and tagging me, and I got a lot of followers from them.”

As for what brought him to the app in the first place, he revealed, “All my friends had it before me and they were always using it and I always thought it was weird. I was like, ‘I’ll never get on TikTok. I’ll never be on there.’ And then last year, everyone started to join and it started to get really big. And I was like, ‘OK, I’ll give in.’ The second I downloaded it, I got super addicted and was on it 24/7. It took up my whole screen time.”

Totally relatable, Noah!

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