Tall Girl 2 was released in February 2022 which raises the possibility of a threequel! So, are there plans to give Tall Girl a third chance? Keep reading to find out more about a possible Tall Girl 3.

Will There Be a Tall Girl 3?

Netflix has yet to announce plans for Tall Girl 3, but considering the success of the first and second Tall Girl, fans are hoping that Netflix will eventually green light a Tall Girl 3. The streaming service has seen much success with teen romcoms like Tall Girl, such as To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth, both of which had three movies in the series! It only makes sense that the streaming platform would continue the three-movie trend for Tall Girl.

We won’t give away any spoilers from the Tall Girl 2 ending here, but the door could definitely still be open for a third movie. Jodi, played by Ava Michelle, definitely has more to her story as she continues her battle with confidence and popularity.

What Can We Expect From Tall Girl 3?

The first two Tall Girl movies revolve around Jodi’s journey into self-acceptance and confidence, so we can definitely expect to continue that plot point into a possible third Tall Girl movie.


“She now has this confidence to put herself out there, but I think in any aspect – whether it’s theatre or something else – putting yourself out there is terrifying,” Ava told Screen Rant in February 2022 about Jodi’s journey in Tall Girl 2. “And it comes with so many other things. As they say, the ups come with the downs. I think see that she’s in the best place of loving herself, but there’s also so many more obstacles that she has to face because of her taking risks like that.”

Ava spoke about what she hopes audiences can take away from the Tall Girl movies in an interview with The List in February 2022.

“I really hope that people can take away from that that they’re not alone. I hope that they truly learn to listen to those around them and lean on the people who love them and allow them to support them, because a lot of times we turn that away, and it can be a really beautiful thing to go through it together. We all need to learn that, and in this time of crazy separation, we really need to come together.”

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