Changing it up. Ava Michelle quickly fell in love with all the differences between the first Tall Girl movie and Tall Girl 2.

“First of all, I think it looks very different. … Both were beautiful in their own way, but I think artistically, they look very different,” the Netflix star tells J-14 exclusively. “But this one, I mean, I think one of my favorite things from when I read the script was how much we follow each character and how everyone has their own arc, and everyone can show their differences and their insecurities and their confidence. How everyone can support each other or not support each other or learn to support each other. I love every character in this story and I was really glad that we were able to explore everyone’s story lines.”

In the film, the model-turned-actress plays Jodi Kreyman, a six-foot-one high school student who, in the first movie, is dealing with her insecurity of being taller than everyone. In the second installment of the Netflix film franchise, viewers watch as new fears overtake Jodi after she nabs a lead role in the school musical.

“[Fans are] gonna love how confident Jodi is right off the bat,” Jan Luis Castellanos — who plays new character Tommy — says. “It’s really cool seeing her go through phases, because it’s not just one thing that is tackling our insecurities. There’s always gonna be a different level. … I consider Tommy as a bit of an extension of Jodi, someone that she can talk to, relate to, vent to. I think that’s something exciting to look forward to for her next challenge. Seeing who can she communicate this, sort of, insecurity with or share it with.”

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Scott Saltzman/Netflix

Aside from “tall girls,” Ava tells J-14 that “everyone” can relate to the film.

“Every single person has a negative voice in their head at one point or another. It happens, and then, you conquer it, and then, it happens again,” the actress continues. “I think knowing that you’re not alone in that and just being kind to yourself and accepting that we’re all going through things and understanding that. I think one of the most important things in life is just really leaning on those who love you and support you and care for you and not forgetting that they are there for you.”

When asked about the possibility of another Tall Girl sequel, the cast was totally on board, even sharing their ideas.

“Let’s do four, let’s do five, let’s do six,” Luke Eisner (Stig Mohlin) gushes. “I’m so proud of Ava for taking this story as far as she has. I really think that she has the talent and the incredible screen presence to keep these things going. I really hope that we get the opportunity to let Ava’s story just keep going.”

Tall Girl 2 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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